Tax Preparation

Our firm can take care of preparing your personal tax return for you and your whole family. From properly reporting your investment income and expenses, pension income and pension splitting, to your business and rental income statements, our firm looks at the big picture to ensure that the family unit is paying the lowest amount of taxes and claiming all available credits and deductions. Our tax preparation services start at $185 for individuals and $285 for couples. Our tax returns are electronically filed with Canada Revenue Agency and we provide representation for pre and post assessment reviews at no additional fee.

Tax Planning

All Canadians can benefit from tax planning, whether it is contributing to a spousal RRSP instead of your own or transferring your spouse’s dividends to your return to lower your tax payable; tax planning is inherent in our tax preparation service, which you just can’t get from software, family, or friends. We can also advise on other matters such as lump sum payouts, when to retire, divorce and separation, estate planning, etc. A little bit of tax advice will often pay for itself many times over.

CRA Audit Representation

Inevitably, many Canadian’s will at some point in time be the target of a CRA audit. These can be stressful times and having a professional on your team can alleviate the stress and puts you in the best position to succeed in your audit. We come between you and the CRA auditor by preparing your financial information for audit, answering questions from the auditor, and providing a neutral meeting place if required. The CRA auditor is not looking out for your best interest so you need someone that is. It also helps that these accounting and legal fees are tax deductible in the year they are paid.

Voluntary Disclosure

Some Canadians will inevitably find themselves in a position where they unreported income or unpaid taxes, etc. This can be rectified through CRA’s voluntary disclosure program without penalties being applied or the threat of prosecution. If you think this situation may apply to you, contact us to help walk you through the process.

Tax Services

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